International Symposium

Title “Future society and future mobilities”
Purpose What will our lives be like when automobiles become connected to society, the towns, and to the people? How will the cars of the future change our society, cities, and lifestyles? In this conference, we will discuss the future of society and the future of mobility and search for specific approaches to be taken from not only the technological standpoint, but also from a variety of perspectives including social and cultural aspects.
Date 10:30 – 16:00 on November 28 (Thu.), 2013
Location International Conference Room, Conference Tower 7F
Special Cooperation by Toyota Motor Corp.
Presenters (scheduled) The following programs are scheduled: keynote address by Joi Ito, Director of MIT Media Lab; talks with architects and urban planners; and a panel discussion facilitated by Zenta Nishida, Editor in Chief of Brutus, with those who are at the forefront of developing the vehicles of the future and belonging to research institutes, marketing (product planning) departments, engineering departments, design departments, and other departments of auto makers.
*Note Access the "e-tix online ticket service" on the Tokyo Motor Show official website. (Ticket sales will be discontinued when capacity is reached)
Participation fee Free + Tokyo Motor Show Advanced Admission Ticket 1,300 yen (Junior high school students and under are free)